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How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles?

A swimming pool would look dry and dull without floor tiles because it can alleviate the look of this feature in your house. If you think getting floor tiles for your pool is just about color, design and aesthetics, you are totally wrong. There are still different aspects that you need to consider before getting one.

So here are some tips on how you can get the right pool tiles. This will not just give your swimming pool a stunning appearance and a welcoming aura but it can also make it safe for usage especially if there are kids around.

1. Establish a budget

Belgravia Ceramics Pool Ideas


MONEY. Budget is needed because getting pool tiles would entail money. Specified budget can tell you the kind of tiles you can get for your pool because the more intricate the design, the more expensive the tiles are. Setting a budget can also help you purchase something that is within your allocated amount.

2. Prioritize safety

Belgravia Ceramics Pool Safety


For the area outside the water, make sure that you will use slip resistant tiles. Poolside will be wet most of the time. So, look for tiles that have surfaces that prevent slipping. This way, you can ensure safety.

3. Choose tiles with lifetime guarantee

Belgravia Ceramics Pool Outdoor


To avoid changing pool tiles all the time (outside, weather conditions, pressure, usage) it is advisable to get pool tiles that has lifetime guarantee against damage and even color fading. This will give your pool a lasting appeal and will also save your pockets as well.

4. Choose a design

Top-house-designs-with-infinity-pool Belgravia Ceramics


Choose a design that would fit your pool. There are decorative tiles with different prints while there are also plain ones. Decide on how you want your pool to look like. You can merely combine plain colored tiles and arrange them artistically to create some visual impact.

5. Pick durable tiles inside the pool

Belgravia Ceramics Pool Tiles


The tiles used inside and outside the pool are different. The ones that you use as floor and wall tiles would be made from slate, pebble or stone, and they should be durable and also slip resistant.

6. Choose tile colors

Belgravia Ceramics Choosing Tiles


Floor tiles are blue or white which reflects light and make it more attractive. Blue and white are good for deeper water because it can distort the colors of the tiles. Avoid using dark colors for the base of the pool for it will be less evident as to the depth of the pool. Try using contrasting bands of colors for an attractive touch. You can also try using bright colors and creative patterns to add splash and life in the pool.

7. Use mosaic tiles

Mosaic Pool Design Belgravia Ceramics


Mosaic tiles are the trend these days. You can choose from a huge selection of color mixes ranging from plain colors to iridescent finishes. Mosaic tiles can also look good especially when they form patterns and designs. Mosaics are typically glass, ceramic or porcelain.

8. Ask for samples

Pool-Tile-Design-Ideas Belgravia Ceramics


Before you finally order the tiles, you can ask for samples first so you can check how it would look outside. This can also give you more ideas on how you can design the pool tiles.

The size of your tiles would also matter. Bigger ones would give your pool a commercial look while smaller ones can give it a more detailed look. Do not forget to your budget when looking at sizes. When your tiles are installed, maintain them well so it will last longer and would retain its beautiful look.

Samples, help which one are the right tiles for you and professional advises about cost and looking of your future pool, our team will gladly help you with any question that you have. Find out why, and what we can do for you.
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